Welcome to NYC Supreme Roofing Construction Corp. We are offering our services since last many years in NYC. Our services apply across all market segments from residential and commercial sectors. We are extremely specialized in providing Roofings, Commercial Roofs, Asphalt Driveways, Concrete and Sidewalks, Exterior Renovations, Interior Renovations, Fence Work, Stucco Work, New Constructions, Bricks pointing and many more of your choice. Our staff is highly specialized and experienced in working. We provide significant and affordable rates in services. We provide free visits and free consultancy for you. To us, client’s satisfaction is much more than works. We treat your problems as ours.

Our staff is available all time. We respond in the same source, you used. We respond your queries in the shortest time of span. .Our construction professionals are committed to provide the highest quality of work and being the best in business

Buy an expensive land and build it up with uncertainties packed with the construction!!! What can be worst than this? Why not go to the experts to get structural reliability you need. You give us a location and we give you a safe place to live in. Whether you are talking about home improvement or an all together new project, our skillful team is always eager to serve clients.

You Ask We Build

Roofing is one of the major challenges especially when your building is in a harsh weather area. Give our highly capable professionals a chance and see the miracle they will do with your home environment or commercial building. NYC Roofing is not here to bluff, decades of experience to serve people in this locality and list of our success stories are proving our claims. We challenge you to try us and get best roofing and construction results.

We serve our client in

Green Roofing

It provides a cool effect to the environment as well provide a good space for plantation making a useless area productive. Your roof gets covered with plants and provides a natural insulation.

Flat Roofing

Popular among commercial buildings but private residencies also go for it. It is especially for those who want to use their roof tops for some purpose.

Roof Replacement

It becomes necessary to change the roof when it has become dangerous for your life. We provide a reliable service making sure every thing is done up to mark.

New Roofs

A roof for a new building must be selected very carefully. It becomes a lengthy procedure to change afterwards. Ask our experts and they will help you pick the right one and build it for you.

Roof Repairs

Minor issues can be cured with these repairs. NYC roofing provides you with the best quality material that lasts for a life time.

EPDM or Rubberized Roofing

There is a specially made rubber membrane installed in your roof. It is extremely flexible increasing the life of your roof. Providing a good insulation from sever weathers.

4-Ply Roofing

These are 4 layered roofs with repetitive layers accompanied by the finest asphalt. This will not be a heavy load; the layers are so built to keep the weight in control.

Asphalt Shingles

In this asphalt is used for waterproofing the walls or roof tops. These are usually separate pieces rectangular in shape and effectively protect the base.

Roof Inspections

The company provides detailed roof inspections on demand. It will make sure you have a safe covering and if there are any faults they can be taken care of in the shortest span of time.

Metal Sheet/ Steel Roofing

It is a metal roof that provides durability and reliability. It covers the resistance area very well denying any penetration of water into the walls. In short it keeps the rest if the structure safe from decay.

Hot and Cold Roofs

These keep the inner environment of a building cooler or hotter from the outside conditions. The hot roofs restrict the heat effect and the cold ones lower the cold effect. In fact it keeps the energy consumption low and carbon emissions well in control.

TPO Roofing

It is a single-ply roofing system exposed on the roof. The membrane has proved to be very effective in summer months reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions.


Simply put, waterproofing makes a structure comparatively more water resistant. This saves the harmful effects this natural element can induce. We have the best labor that can do the job well.

Parapet Walls

These are low height walls that are constructed at the edge of a roof. They are meant basically for defense purpose; very effective for functional roofs.

Fire Escapes

It is an essential passage to avoid fire or if any other such incident occurs. These are passages to climb out of a building in an emergency situation usually built outside the boundaries.

Home Improvement

Get new ideas and amazing advices to turn your home into a whole new place. It will also make your living space more workable and cozy.

Brick Grinding & Pointing

Brick grinding gives new shape to bricks for use in building. Pointing is a process which makes the bricks sealed together so that water does not penetrate in the walls.

Masonry Work

You can say it is an old technique of building but it is a tradition kept alive. Human hands work on such projects using man-made stones, bricks, and concrete blocks etc.

Power Washing

It refreshes your building structure. A high power water wash is used to remove any loose paint, mildew or dust particles to clean the walls or floor.

Window Lintels / Window Sills

These are basically meant for protecting the windows. They can be simple and decorative. It depends on your choice what you choose.

Sidewalk / Concrete Work

There is skilled group of people always ready to serve people by building sidewalks. Any other concrete work is also not a thing our professionals cannot execute.

Code Compliance

Making sure that the building is made according to the compliance of the code of the area. There will be no issues from this side and you can enjoy living peacefully in your home or doing business in the commercial structure.

Special Rigger License

We have the know how of what and what not to disturb during our process of a new construction. This license is very crucial to know every aspect attached to this work and we assure you that there will be no legal actions you have to face afterwards.

Not only that we follow what the client desires, expert view and advice is always given where necessary, but the last word is always yours.

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Good professional work and reasonable dealing with clients are two major reasons of recommendation of Roofing Contractor in New York. The staff proved their worth by doing an excellent job.

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